MEGA presents a comprehensive array of features.

With its robust end-to-end encryption, your data remains impervious to prying eyes, guaranteeing a high level of security and privacy. Seamlessly share files with others through secure links and collaborate on projects, fostering productivity and teamwork. The convenience of mobile apps empowers you to manage your files on the move, while the integrated encrypted chat function facilitates secure communication alongside your shared content. With user-controlled access, version history tracking, browser extensions, offline file availability, and the added layer of two-factor authentication, MEGA stands as a versatile and reliable choice for safeguarding your digital assets.

Seamlessly share files with others, your data remains impervious to prying eyes, guaranteeing a high level of security and privacy

MEGA offers a range of features that distinguish it as a secure and privacy-focused cloud storage provider. Some of its notable features include:

End-to-End Encryption: All files and data stored on MEGA are encrypted on the user's device before they are uploaded to the servers. This means that only the user holds the decryption key, ensuring that even MEGA itself cannot access the content.

VPN: Discover a new dimension of privacy and security with MEGA's integrated VPN service. Our commitment to safeguarding your digital life goes beyond secure cloud storage.

Secure File Sharing: Users can generate shareable links for their files and folders. Access to these links can be configured to allow either view-only or full access, making it easy to share files with others securely.

Collaboration: MEGA allows users to collaborate on files and folders. Multiple users can work together on documents, projects, and more, enhancing productivity.

Mobile Apps: MEGA offers mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, enabling users to access and manage their files on the go.

Generous Free Storage: MEGA provides a certain amount of free storage space upon registration, allowing users to store their files without immediate need for a subscription.

Paid Plans: MEGA offers various subscription plans with larger storage capacities, increased bandwidth, and additional features. These plans are suitable for users with more extensive storage requirements.


PC Application: Elevate Your Cloud Management on Your Desktop

PC Application: Elevate Your Cloud Management on Your Desktop

It's more than just software; it's a gateway to a world of efficiency, security, and control. Embrace the power of seamless desktop integration and discover the future of cloud management today.

Effortless Cloud Control: MEGA Dashboard for Secure Management

Dashboard: Your Command Center for Secure Cloud Management

Elevate your cloud experience with the MEGA dashboard where aesthetics meet functionality, and where secure file management becomes an art form. Discover the future of digital control today.

Stay Secure On-the-Go: MEGA's Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Mobile Apps: Seamlessly Secure Your Data on iOS and Android

Experience the modern conveniences of MEGA's iOS and Android apps. Elevate your mobile cloud experience, and enjoy the freedom of managing your data wherever life takes you.

Secure and generous storage solution for your business?

Bring your team together online, boost and maintain productivity, and transform how your team collaborates with MEGA for Business. Whether you're a freelancer or a startup founder or work for a corporate, MEGA has all you need to grow your business, in one place.

Choose the right plan for you

Save up to 16% with yearly billing
Free 20 GB storage / Limited transfer
PRO I 2 TB of storage / 2 TB of transfer €9.99 per month / €99.99 per year
Pro II 8 TB of storage / 8 TB of transfer €19.99 per month / €199.99 per year
Pro III 2 TB of storage / 2 TB of transfer €29.99 per month / €299.99 per year

Exploring Mega Cloud Sharing: Secure, Private, and Convenient

In an era defined by the need for efficient and secure data storage and sharing solutions, Mega has emerged as a prominent player in the cloud sharing landscape. Built upon a foundation of robust security measures and user-friendly features, Mega aims to provide users with a versatile platform for their storage and collaboration needs. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the various facets of's cloud sharing capabilities, exploring its security features, storage options, usability, and more.

Security and Privacy: End-to-end encryption lies at the core of Mega's security philosophy. Unlike traditional cloud storage services, Mega encrypts user data on the client's side before it's even uploaded to their servers. This means that only users with the encryption keys can decrypt and access their files, giving them unparalleled control over their data. The zero-knowledge architecture ensures that even Mega's administrators have no access to users' private information. For those who prioritize data security, Mega offers a strong and reliable solution.

Storage Options: Mega provides a range of storage options to cater to different user needs. The free plan offers a generous 20GB of storage space, ideal for personal use or light file sharing. For more substantial storage requirements, the paid plans start from 2TB and go up to a whopping 16TB or 10000TB for business. This tiered approach allows users to scale their storage needs as their demands evolve.

File Sharing and Collaboration: Mega's sharing features combine convenience with security. Users can create shareable links for files and folders, enabling easy sharing with colleagues, friends, or family. The option to set passwords and expiration dates for links adds an extra layer of protection. Additionally, Mega's file versioning feature allows users to track and restore previous versions of their files, facilitating effective collaboration.

User Interface and Experience: Navigating Mega's interface is intuitive and user-friendly. The web-based interface is clean and straightforward, making it easy for both tech-savvy users and newcomers to manage their files. The drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the process of uploading files, while the ability to organize files into folders aids in efficient organization.

Mobile Apps: Mega offers dedicated mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. These apps provide users with the convenience of accessing their files on the go, making it easy to view, upload, and share content from their smartphones and tablets.

Performance: Mega's performance is commendable, with rapid upload and download speeds. The platform employs a global network of data centers to ensure quick access to files regardless of the user's location.

Mega's cloud sharing platform stands out as a reliable and secure option for individuals and businesses seeking a secure, private, and user-friendly storage solution. With its emphasis on end-to-end encryption, versatile storage options, and user-friendly interface, Mega has gained a strong foothold in the competitive cloud sharing landscape. While areas such as customer support could be enhanced, the platform's commitment to security and privacy makes it an attractive choice for those who value the protection of their data. Whether you're a photographer safeguarding your portfolio or a team collaborating on a project, Mega provides the tools necessary to manage your files securely and conveniently.